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DJ Max Live Miracle Event Video Footage Available

Ruliweb just uploaded footage of the DJ Max Live Miracle concert that took place last Friday in Korea, Rolling Hall so go over and download them if you haven’t already. Would have went if I had the chance!

The atmosphere seemed great and they had all my favourite songs going from both games on the PSP. It was just odd watching cosplayers appearing on stage because you just knew they were faking the singing and it suddenly felt a bit like a kid’s party… Then there was those rolls of iMac laptops I think they were when songs such as Oblivion were being remixed. I know it’s a game music event but, still felt a little odd. Still would have went.

Anyway, read they were selling NB Ranger t-shirts and other goods there and it just so happens you can get some of those DJ Max clothing from Play-Asia. No small size for me though or I would get the Vintage one!

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3


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