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Town Pet Shop DS: The Great Gathering of 200 Puppies

The Nintendogs series was a big seller as a launch title but now it’s completely dropped out of the charts while Brain Age continues to stay strong. Doesn’t mean developers have lost faith in giving players virtual pets though because here comes, “Machi no Petya-san DS ~200 Hiki Wan-chan Daishuugou~.

Expanding on the virtual puppy idea a little more, what you must do in this game is raise pet puppies then send them away to a new caring owner. Doing so will earn you Puppy Points which you can use to expand your pet shop and purchase new puppies and other related pet goods.

As with Nintendogs, the game will simulate what’s been happening while your DS has been turned off. Wireless support will allow players to visit each other’s shop and unlock more puppies.

Expect this new puppy pet shop sim sometime in summer.



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