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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2: The Expedition Team of Time and Darkness

Yes, here comes the sequel and surprise surprise, it features Pokemon from the latest two DS games, Diamond and Pearl. There will be two versions of “Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon” available, “Toki no Tankeitai” and “Yami no Tankeitai”.

The story tells of how one sunset you mysteriously find yourself by the beach turned into a Pokemon! The Pokemon next to you is obviously surprised when you tell him/her this. But forgetting the issue at hand, the Pokemon urges you to help him/her retrieve some treasure from the dungeons and your adventure begins.

Once again, the game begins by letting you answer questions to determine what Pokemon you are and there are a total of 16 you can become. You can then choose who your partner Pokemon will be. A guild is available for undertaking quests and again, Wi-Fi support will allow you to contact someone to rescue you out of a dungeon if you’re in trouble.

Dungeon crawlers are due autumn time.



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