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Monster Hunter Portable 2nd, Weekly Download Quests May 18th

And the event quest for today was “The Trap that Lurks in the Volcanic Regions” featuring two Basarios in the volcano map. Didn’t even notice it was only a non G-rank quest so I gathered 3 other people to join me on Kai.

Needless to say, it took us less than a few minutes to kill them. No special rewards this time round although I did get some materials to make more accessories…

Two Basarios

Next week, we’ll have…

Maoh! The One Horned Maoh!
Picture looks like Monoblos.

Ancestral Dragon
Hmmm, hope that means it’s an ancient on that tower!

Monster Festival 2
Arena with a Tiga. Should be fun.

Monster Festival 3
Looks like a Teo in the arena.

Hopefully there’s some fun new rewards!


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