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SD Gundam G-Generation Cross Drive, Delayed But Two More Gundam Titles Added

Last time we listed 15 Gundam titles that were going to appear in the upcoming new SD Gundam DS game and now, 2 more titles are being added to it which are going to be “Gundam SEED ASTRAY” and “Gundam SEED X ASTRAY”.

Scan 1

There is also going to be two original characters. First there’s Phio Crawford who is a talented Gundam pilot who lost his father and home after being attacked by a mysterious organisation. Then there is Nikea who appears to be a 15, 16 year old girl but in truth, she is a bio-weapon who has escaped from a laboratory. As she has lost part of her memory during her escape, her origins are unknown.

Scan 2

and you could get yourself a SD Gundam G-Generation themed black case which has room for 3 DS games. Another DS Lite Limited Edition package will also be available for purchase featuring V Gundam as the motif on the front cover.

The release date seems to have been delayed from May to August 9th.


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