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Ouendan 2, Official Site Up with Lots of Gameplay Footage

The official site’s finally up and once again, you can here the Ouendan theme song playing in the background if you have your speakers on. The Touch DS site also have several clips of various people such as students, band member and an office lady playing the songs available in this much anticipated sequel. Interesting to hear all of them humming along to the tunes!

According to the Famitsu reviewers who gave it a score of 9, 9, 8, 8, it’s more of the same wacky scenarios and addictive gameplay. All the improvements made in the EBA version have been brought into the game which means you can now skip right to the tapping. Great for all those retries. The “complaints” for the two people who gave it “8” was they wanted more songs and perhaps some bigger changes in the gameplay.

Game gets released May 19th next Saturday so here’s another scan for now featuring the rival hard mode cheerleaders.



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