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Final Fantasy Tactics A2 – The New Characters, Clan Judges, Pub and New Job

Apart from the main heroes that we’ve already met, Adel and Luso, there will also be Cid the leader of the Garee Clan who will be helping Luso return to the real world. Then there’s the moogle bard, Hardy who meets Luso during his journey in collecting weapons.

Scan 1

As mentioned in the comments of the last post, the law system remains. In Ivalice, there will be various clans and Luso will be part of Cid’s clan. Every clan will have a Judge on their side protecting clan laws from being broken. As long as you don’t break any of these clan laws then you can revive unconcious members and also receive a stat bonus called “Clan Ability”. So if a member breaks a law, he/she will have to remain KOed.

Scan 2

The pub is still going to be the place where you can undertake quests but there appears to be two new options, “Free Paper” and “Clan Trial”. No details have been revealed yet. It’s obvious what “Clan Trial” might be but as for “Free Paper”, Famitsu hints it might have something that’ll affect the story.

Scan 3

Enemies are bigger and there is a new job dressed up in Japanese attire. No name’s been given for it but it’s not “Samurai”.

Scan 4

Release date TBA for this year.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the translation xcomp, I’m glad the jail is gone, hope this new system works well.

  2. No problem. Can’t wait for the game to come out :)

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