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Final Fantasy Dissidia, It’s Going to be A Beat-em-up Game?!

Well, the first screens of the mysterious new PSP FF title have been revealed in the latest issue of the Jump magazine and the game has gone from the “Dramatic Action Progression” to the “Beat-em-up” genre. Has SE gone mad after doing all those remakes?

Here we see the re-designed Zidane from FFIX facing Kuja and the Warrior of Light from FFI facing Garland. Other main characters from the FF series are supposed to appear in it.

Nothing’s really been revealed about the system yet although you can make out from the blurred screens that characters will still have levels and gain experience somehow. Maybe it’s going to be along the lines of the “Tales of” RPG series except one on one only. We’ll just have to wait for more news over the weekend when the SE Party runs. And yeah, it’s not part of the FFXIII series as people were suggesting.

Scan 1


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