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Dragon Quest IX: Guardians of the Starry Skies, Group Monsters and Wi-Fi Adventure Still to Come?

Been a while since we heard much about “Dragon Quest IX: Hoshizora no Mamoribito” for the DS. Battles in the RPG will be still be turn based but just like Monster Joker, encounters aren’t random. However, this time you’ll find some single monsters maybe marked as a group so if you happen to attack such a monster, you could find yourself fighting more monsters than you were expecting.

Scan 1

This latest article from Famitsu also talks about the wireless co-op aspect of the game. Basically you can run around separately on the map and fight your own monsters but you can also team up of course. When teaming up, commands are executed once everyone has picked a command. Different icons will be used to indicate your friend’s target.

Each player will be using his or her own character that they have levelled in the main story mode and you’ll be glad to know you can customise your character. You can customise the face, hair, clothing, height and weight. Items collected during your adventures can change your appearance too.

Scan 2

There are intentions to implement Wi-Fi support according to the small print but there’s nothing about what it maybe used for. Co-op over the internet would be great but it’s not likely since they said server usage would be too high when they first announced this game back in December. Maybe it’ll end up being used for trading items.

Release date TBA for this year.


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