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Rune Factory 2, The New Harvest Moon Series Continues

Great to read there’s going to be a second Rune Factory game. The first one was great even though you did tend to focus on fighting monsters but, only if you wanted to. By the time Western shores get the English version of the first game, this ARPG/farming life sim should be out.

Our story takes place several years after the prequel, our tale takes place in the town of Aruevana, situated along the borders of the Kingdom of Norrad. The ambitions of the Kingdom of Zelks has been abolished and peace was upon the land again. A mystery young man named Kyle reaches Aruevana during travels in such times who gets greeted by a girl named Mana. But what is his purpose? Was there something happening in Aruevana? The people living under the peaceful times could not yet sense the changes ringing throughout the land.

Scan 1

So, that’s our prologue. What’s new about the gameplay? Well, there is a new “Touch Pocket System”. If you take a close look at the bottom-left corner you can see three icons. Tapping them will open up the equipment screen which will supposedly make selecting farm tools quicker. Cycling through an invent full of weapons and farming tools was not much fun in the last game but lets just hope they don’t make this touch screen only! They kind of ruined Kimishima with the touch screen only system…

Scan 2

Apart from that, you can expect new monsters and weapons along with all the features from the prequel such as recovering with Rune Points and just leading a normal farming life.

Release date TBA and you can read my import review of the first game here.

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