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Dragoneers Aria: ‘Til The Dragon Slumbers, An Evil Dragon Awakens

Set for sometime in summer from NIS America, “Dragoneers Aria: Ryuu ga Neru made” is well, about a world ruled by dragons. In the ancient times, there was a battle between an evil and holy dragon but with the help of brave dragoon warriors, the evil dragon was defeated and peace was brought upon the world. Ever since then, order in the world has been maintained by the holy dragon’s spirit divided into six other dragons of fire, water, lightning, earth, wind and ice.

However, during a dragoon graduation ceremony at Glanatiss, the evil dragon awakens once again to cause destruction. Amidst all the chaos, the new graduates rush to face their enemy only to find the Water Dragon battling with its foe already. It fails to overcome the evil dragon and the Glanatiss Palace is left in ruins. With the Water and Fire Orb in hand, heroine Hart Klarwein along with mystery girl Yuffie Kalm must now set out on a journey to investigate why the other five dragons didn’t appear.

Not much info has been revealed about the battle system but, in addition to the main solo story mode, there will be a 4 player adhoc mode that will allow players to experience a completely different adventure.

Screen 1 Screen 2 Screen 3


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