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The True Lucky Star: Moe Drill Journey, Sequel to Otaku’s Version of Brain Age

Lucky StarSo, the Suzumiya Haruhi show is over now but I’m sure you’ll still find plenty of people around the world doing the dance and sticking the Haruhism banner in their sigs. If not, they’ll probably have moved onto Kyoani’s next show Lucky Star.

Unlike Haruhi, this show didn’t start off as a light novel but as a 4 panel Manga featured in the Computiq games magazine back in 2004. Two years later, Brain Age hits Japan and the brain training craze began but it all looked a bit plain and formal. So, what better way to gain attention than by mixing in some “Moe” Otaku elements such as a visual novel with multiple endings and cute little girls? Here comes the sequel to the Lucky Star brain training game released a few months after Brain Age, “Shin Lucky Star Moe Drill ~Tabitachi~”.

In addition to the prequel’s four brain training exercises such as quick arithmetic questions and memory drills, Tabitachi also offers training in English vocabulary, “Moe” slang, reading Anime scripts aloud and tests how “tsundere” you are.


Moe brain training game available May 24th. In the meantime you can go watch the opening and other clips on the official site. And no, it’s not the same as Anime show’s OP.


As with the prequel, a normal and limited edition “DX Pack” is available. The pack contains a 160cm tapestry, handbag, drama CD, trump cards, cover for light novels and cosplay stickers featuring the Lucky Star characters dressed up as animals. Pre-orders also get a B2 sized poster drawn by Kagami Yoshimizu, Lucky Star love sim game and original Lucky Star novel.



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