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Secret of Evangelion Portable Version with Extra Content

Surprise, surprise the PS2 Evangelion visual novel adventure game “Secret of Evangelion” is getting a PSP version. Not a bad thing since I don’t have a PS2 so I might end up picking this up being sort of an Evangelion fan…

The extra content will feature more events and an Evangelion related multi-choice quiz game. There are a total of 150 questions in the quiz and they are divided into 3 different levels. The quiz involves answering 10 random questions from each level, each question with 3 answers to choose from. Beat all three levels of questions and get rewarded with some fan service pictures (i.e. the characters in poses that fans like to see them in). What picture you’ll get depends on the number of correct answers you end up with. You can have Asuka or Rei as the presenter.

A limited edition will be available featuring a different boxart, a black PSP case with the Nerv logo and a screen protector you can stick on your PSP. Both editions of the game available June 28th.

So… Where did the Second Impact happen again? Japan, Antarctic or the North Pole?

Screen 1 Screen 2


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