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Ouendan 2 Demo Available Soon in Japan

Lucky people living in Japan will have a chance to play a demo of the popular circle tapping/sliding/spinning game from this Thursday May 10th. The game gets released a week later on the 17th so importers like me don’t have too long to wait.

Now, if Ouendan came out with a limited edition box set too then I’m sure it’ll get snapped up in no time. Just don’t make it another of those DS console sets…

Still no site up yet.

Screen 1


One Response

  1. If I’m not mistaken, the first game didn’t do that well in Japan. It was the foreign markets and those lovely importers that made this title worth the sequel (as well as that great EBA localization).
    Considering that Gyakuten Saiban 4 has sold over 500.000 copies in less than a month, this game should do alright as long as Nintendo’s (or rather INIS’) marketing team has done their homework (and there’s enough copies of the game to go around).

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