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Taiko Drum Master DS, One More Fun Looking Rhythm Game for the DS

As you’ll have guessed from the title, you beat drums in time to the music but the question Taiko fans will be wondering about is, will the DS title be using the touch screen or buttons? The most likely answer seems to be the stylus this magazine article from Famitsu hasn’t revealed what the control system will be yet.

In thehe PSP version you had to use both sides of buttons to hit the differently coloured beats so I don’t see how the DS version could achieve this. Unless of course, they have two rows of notes running, one for each type of drum sound but from the screenshots, it doesn’t look that way.

Scan 1

This DS version will allow 4 player VS via download play and feature the Super Mario Bros. theme as one of its songs. Currently 60% complete and is due in summer.

Scan 2

Still can’t really feel the music with the drum sounds…


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