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Sega Announces Two New Titles for the “Naruhodo” Series, Test Your Personality

Sega’s “Naruhodo” series is comprised of edutainment and training titles such as the recently released in English, “Mind Quiz: Your Brain Coach” on the DS. Now comes two additional titles which tests for your personality.

Shikaku Kentei

“Shikaku Kentei DS (Personality Certification)” set for July 26th is a game that aims to profile your personality such as someone who can overcome difficulties or have an interesting character. There are 54 personalities you can be certified with and as usual, the touch screen is used to answer the multiple choice questions.

Kokoro Scan

“Onsei Kanjou Sokuteiki: Kokoro Scan (Emotions Measuring Tool: Kokoro Scan”)” on the other hand, makes use of something called “Sensibility Technology” which is developed by SGI Japan Ltd. and AGI Inc. This software will analyse your character via your voice, identifying the 5 emotions happiness, anger, disappointment, self-possession and agitation.

Interesting, hmmm? I enjoyed their Mind Quiz DS game but the reception from the Western world wasn’t quite as good. Seems Brain Age is still preferred.

Well anyway, personality tests seem to be quite a fad lately. In a documentary I heard they’re using tests such as the “Big 5 Personality Test” to determine if candidates are suitable for a job or not…

The voice recognition in Mind Quiz is terrible, though so I don’t know how well Kokoro Scan will do.


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