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Days of Memories, A Date with Your Favourite SNK Girls

SNK’s really bringing some interesting titles to the DS, no? This time it’s the “Days of Memories” series of games that is currently only available on Japanese mobile phones giving players a chance to date the female characters from SNK’s games such as Mai from King of Fighters or Mina from Samurai Spirits.

This DS port will bring all 3 mobile phone titles together which are the summer themed “Days of Memories: A Hot Summer with Her”, the sequel that takes place 3 years later “Days of Memories: To My Most Precious Person” and finally the title that takes place in the ancient Edo time period “Days of Memories: The Great Edo Love Collection”.

After fulfilling certain conditions and coming across special events with the girls, you can view the events again in Extra Mode. You can also listen to BGM and view other endings that you managed to reach.

SNK Girls coming to your DS screens on June 14th.

Screen 1 Screen 2

Screen 3 Screen 4


2 Responses

  1. Looks interesting i guess its import only like Dokidoki Majo Shinban!

  2. Gah, Leona….my wang is getting into berserk mode…

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