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Kurikin Nano Island Story, Join the Nano Academy to Study “Kin”

In this adventure game, you play as a new student at Nano Academy who is there to study tiny lifeforms known as “Kin” which inhabit Nano Island. You must then gather these Kin, nurture them and then use them to battle your rivals. There are over 100 Kin to find over the 24 chapter story mode.

You draw lines and circles to command your Kin and can also blow into the mic to scatter them. There are two kinds of battles. Normal battles means you must have the most Kin remaining once the time runs out or, with the wipeout battles you must destroy your opponent’s Kin completely.

Woohoo! Bacteria battles! Er, yeah.

Watch out for Nintendo’s Kin raising game on May 24th.



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