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Two Mahjong PS2 Titles to be Remade for DS and PSP

First to the left we’ve got “Idol Jongshi Suchie Pai III Remix” which will let you play against well, cute looking Anime idol girls. Knock their points down to zero and have a chance to see them in their bikini form. The non-touching title.

Second we’ve got “Chuukana Jongshi Tenhou Paiko Remix”. You play as a mysterious girl “Pai-chan” who comes from China who is here to save the newly established Meiji Japanese government from being taken over by the powerful demon named “Hakumen Kinmou, The Nine Tailed Fox”. To stop this demon, she’ll first have to go gather all the Sesshou Stones which holds the demon’s powers. And the only way Pai-chan’s going to do this is by playing Mahjong against the girls who possess the stones. After winning, she must touch their bodies to find out where the stones are hidden…

Suchie Pai DS PSP

Expect Idol Jongshi in time for summer on July 26th and Pai-chan on June 28th.


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