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The Exciting Search for Witches, SNK’s Little Witch Touching Title

When SNK announced this “Dokidoki Majo Shinban!” title a while back, some people didn’t believe it was true since Nintendo’s consoles were all about family friendly games. Well, it appears the new title is real but it’s obvious this game will never make it overseas so, the Western family friendly image of Nintendo should remain good.

Anyway, the story is about a mischievous junior high school boy named “Akuji Nishimura” who attends “Seirei Takagami Academy”. One day, someone who claims to be the “Great Angel” orders him to seek out the witches who are hiding out at his school. Akuji isn’t the type who would normally listen to what others tell him but, after hearing that he’ll be turned into a good person if he doesn’t obey, he has no option but to cooperate. Together with Angel Lulu as his little helper, they go on the search for witches.


The whole idea of this adventure game is to go around finding suspects and then touching them to decide whether they are really witches or not…

Release date for this year has yet to be announced.


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