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DJ Max Portable 2, Commemoration Event and World Ranking Begins

Yes, the day is finally here for the launch of the long anticipated “DJ Max Portable 2”. According to Ruliweb, Pentavision was happy to hold an event today in commemoration of their success with their game, at the Yongsan Electronics Market where copies of the game is available.

Both players who ordered online or are buying it offline had the opportunity to enjoy the new Network Mode with fellow fans.

Unfortunately, I haven’t come across any photos but the site did have this image with the mascot EL I think it might be a poster used at the event or even given out. There’s so many versions of EL…

DJMP2 Poster

Meanwhile, those few limited edition copies that re-appeared on PA have all been snapped up again. They have also announced the Night Black edition is arriving late so, it looks like I’m going to have to wait a good while longer… Probably mid-April (damn!).

And for some reason the official site has disappeared. You can only view the World Ranking page now and currently, the top 50 positions are dominated by players from Eastern countries such as Korea (of course), China, Hong Kong and Japan. I can only see one USA player on the 4B page.

Hope they have a flag for UK!

DJMP2 World Ranking


2 Responses

  1. This is indeed a great game. I really like the new songs and they finally made it possible to use the game art as wallpaper for the PSP.
    What I don’t really like is how my thumbs get all sore after playing for more than 30 minutes…

  2. Still waiting for my copy of the game : /

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