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Legend of Heroes VI: Sora no Kiseki The Third First Screens

Falcom’s Live 2007 event just took place on Saturday and while Kotera-san was singing one of the songs “Cry for Me, Cry for You” which is going to be used in the company’s new title, the very first preview clip was revealed to the fans.

They haven’t announced what scene the song will be used in but I’m guessing it will be the end song.

Screen 1

The mystery girl that was hinted in the calendar is Leith Argento, a squire of the Seipai Knights which Kevin Graham also works under.

Screen 2

It looks like the third game will feature Kevin and her as expected.

Screen 3

“The wings flap for a third time in the skies.”

Screen 4

Battle screens are looking very similar to the previous two games. Interesting to see Renne as a playable character, though. Does this mean Estelle really managed to convince her to leave the Uroboros during that incident?

Screen 5

Screen 6

Well, have to wait and see! Now what shall I do with the “Complete Edition” box set when they decide to release a trilogy box…


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