DJ Max Portable 2, Website Gets New Song Samples, Playable Demo and Wallpapers!

Only 3 days before this excellent rhythm game gets released but the clock seems to be ticking ever so slowly! But don’t worry, the site has been updated with a playable demo today to tide you over featuring the song “Sunset Rider” in the new 5B mode!

Screen 1

Fever mode is a brilliant new feature as mentioned before, acting as a score and combo multiplier to help unlock the mountain of items. 5B is confusing because both the right button on the D-Pad and the Square covers it so it takes some getting used to. Just can’t wait to play the full game!

Screen 2

The demo is 7MB and requires FW v3.11 to run.

Also check the site for some updated screens, two wallpapers and an extended song sample list including the OP “Your Own Miracle”. The World Ranking page is also now up and looks like it’ll make use of a password system to enter scores.


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