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Simply Series Vol. 14 The Driving School DS, Practise for the Written Test!

Now here’s a trainer that would come in handy for people who have yet to get their drivers license. It also has the longest DS title yet which is (deep breathe)… “Simple DS Series Vol. 14 The Jitensha Kyoushuujo DS ~ Gendouki Tsuke Jitensha, Futsuu Jidou Nirin, Oogata Jidou Nirin, Futsuu Jitensha, Futsuu Jitensha Nishu, Chuugata Jitensha, Oogata Jidousha, Oogata Jidousha Nishu, Oogata Tokushu Jitensha, Kenbiki ~”

And someone thought the original JP title for Brain Age was long!

I won’t bother typing out what the Japanese in between the hyphens is because basically it’s just listing all the 10 types of vehicles that this driving test title covers such as cars, motorbikes and large vehicles. There are 4000 practice questions and you can choose which of the 10 types of vehicles you will be testing for.

Available May 31st.

Screen 1 Screen 2


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