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DJ Max Portable 2, Champagne Gold Limited Edition Confirmed to be Fake by Pentavision

Well, glad Pentavision was quick to clear up about this!

This notice popped up on the official DJMP2 site after the post about the fake Japanese exclusive package appeared on Ruliweb.


The package indeed has nothing to do with Pentavision thus they have asked the Japanese retailers to remove this fake “Champagne Gold Limited Edition” from their site. The only limited editions available are Night Black and Metallic Silver but unfortunately, pre-orders for those have already ended.

Pentavision apologises for any of the confusion caused and ensures customers that they will make sure no other limited editions will be produced.

Good. Even though I was sure this was just a fake, I was thinking of cancelling my Night Black edition if it had the tiniest chance that it was for real!

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