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Death Note Anime, OP2 Version 2 Appears in Episode 23

Not that many as far as I could tell but if you’re used to skipping the OP then you’ll obviously miss them. I would have skipped the OP too if the song hasn’t managed to grow on me…

Anyway, I found two main changes and the first was how the scrolling text at the beginning has been rearranged.

The Korean Hangul for “Death Note” ???? is fainter but bigger now.

Screen 1

Screen 2

The Simplified Chinese for “Death Note” ???? now appears to the right instead of the left.

Screen 3

Screen 4

And this one you can’t really miss if you watch the OP. Misa blushes and the colours are more saturated.

Screen 5

Screen 6

Screen 7

Screen 8

Nothing really different about the ED but I did notice something I didn’t before. Light (or someone else) writes the name of the ED song “Zetsubou Billy” in the Death Note.

Screen 9

But anyway, plenty of suspense in this ep! Liked the way they used the music when Higuchi kills the policeman and L warns everyone how he now has the ability to kill just by looking at someone’s face alone.

The way L was watching that “Cosme Misa” ad at the beginning was hilarious! It er, makes L feel a little more like a normal person with that reaction. The ad gives more fan service to Misa fans too. She actually looks more mature in that CM.

You know… Usually it’s the Manga that has all the fan service but, after the conversion to Anime it’s all gone due to broadcasting rules. In Death Note’s case, it seems to be the opposite!

Screen 10

Screen 11

So just about 5 more eps before the next arc.

Even if you haven’t read the Manga you can guess from the preview that the old Light is back and things are going his way in the next ep. He’s reading the Death Note rules as if it’s something new but then we see that evil smirk of his back.

Screen 12

Screen 13

Then we see Higuchi’s name being written in the Death Note too…

Screen 14

Next ep, Light’s “Revival”!

Screen 15


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