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It’s a Wonderful World, Mission Details and More Characters Revealed

Again, no release date for this sweet looking RPG but they’ve revealed more characters and the first three missions. Probably the opening tutorial by the sound of it.

Scan 1

Mission 1: Defeat the “Noise”!
Neku and his friends meet the mysterious Noise monsters that resemble animals. Lurking in Shibuya, they hide within humans and are out to attack our protagonists.

Mission 2: Escape the “City Trap”
A trap has been set up in the streets of Shibuya. You’ll have to scan the minds of people and proceed with the utmost caution.

Mission 3: The True Identities of the Death Gods
Members of the Death Gods appear and Neck and his friends are dragged into their game. What are their true intents?

Scan 2

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