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Dragonball Z Shin Budokai 2, Movie Enemies to Appear and New Aura Burst Techniques

Featuring all the powerful enemies from the DBZ movies such as Metal Coola, Brolly and Bardock. In this latest DBZ beat-em-up, “Aura Burst” still works pretty much the same way in activating a character’s special such as temporarily boosting your attributes or recovering your health. What’s new is you can use it to completely guard against any special attacks without receiving any damage when timed right.

Scan 1

Lastly, you can finish off your opponent with an ultimate special once their energy bar is down to a set level. All you have to do is successfully pull off a three or more hits combo during an Aura Burst.

Pre-order the JP version with Play-Asia and you will probably get the purple PSP pouch with the Kanji “Ma (Demon)” on it too.

The Japanese release date is on June 6th but it actually hits American shores today under the name “Dragonball Z: Shin Budokai, Another Road”… Guess you don’t need to wait for the JP version then!

Scan 2


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