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The School of Masterpieces and Three Colour Ball Pens, Learn How to Highlight the Important Stuff

“Sanshoku Ball Pen Meisakujuku” is based on a book of a similar name known as “Read Japanese with Three Coloured Ball Pens” written by Professor Takashi Saitou from Meiji University. With over 100,000 copies sold the idea of this DS title is to teach you how to highlight the most important information in texts using red to highlight “very important” text, blue for “moderately important” and green for parts you find interesting personally.

You’ll be able to read 20 famous Japanese literature titles such as “Maihime” by Moriougai and compare your highlighting skills to the Professor’s. Some Japanese language drills are also available.

I do see students at uni highlighting lecture notes, books, handouts etc so maybe this will teach them how to do it more efficiently… Personally I don’t do it.

Start highlighting sometime in July.



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