Rockman ZX Advent, Two Bosses and “Trans-On” Ability Revealed

With the ability to change into Rockman Model A, players will be able copy the abilities of bosses by changing into them using the “Tran-On” skill. Selecting and activating these abilities is easy once you obtain them because all you have to do is that on the touch screen icons.

Screen 1

There will be 8 “Falseroid” bosses to fight who are Repliroid robots strengthened for the purpose of mimicking the abilities of the Live Metal.

First of the ones revealed is Diaburn the Gazeroid, a Falseroid who possesses high speed movement, powerful jumping abilities and kicks. To the right we have the second boss Chronoforce the Tridenroid which is an underwater fighter who attacks with the ice needles on its back.

Screen 2


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