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Tokimeki Memoria: Girl’s Side 1st Love, Natsuki Katou Tries Out the Dating Sim for Girls

Photo 1Thought it was Horikata when I glanced at the pic but, it looks like young talent Natsuki Katou was invited to play the PS2 dating sim remake for girls. So what was her impressions of it? I won’t translate the whole thing but here’s a summary.

Well, it just happened that she was wanting to replay the “Tokimeki Memoria: Girl’s Side” series and was planning on buying a brand new TV just to enjoy the games but, after seeing how beautiful the DS graphics are she’s rethinking.

Natsuki emphasised how easy it was to play thanks to the touch screen. With the DS, she feels much closer to the characters when compared to playing the games on a TV and because it’s portable, it’s like a real date. She could feel her heart thumping when touching her favourite character Kei Hazuki’s hand which is part of the new “Skinship System”. Even better now that the characters call out her name too.

ScreenshotJust like other games, Manga, dramas or other kinds of entertainment, Natsuki knows such worlds can’t really happen but she found the sim very fun all the same. Even though she tried to figure out what reactions the characters would give her, she often got surprised at how things didn’t work out so well – Just like real life.

In conclusion, Natsuki says (and laughing afterwards) she thinks it’s best for girls who have been thinking to themselves, “I haven’t really been dating much lately” or, “I don’t get that heart throbbing feeling from my boyfriend anymore”. She jokes guys can play it too as a reference to what cool guys should be like…

Photo 2

Game just went on sale today. Some of you might recognise Natsuki from drama series such as “Kamen Rider Ryuuki” or “Hana yori Dango 2”.

Oh, and there’s a prize draw to win one of three “Nintendo DS Lite Sweet Pouch” personally signed by Natsuki herself.

Photo 3


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