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DS Kageyama Method: Learn to Write the Correct Way via Repetition

There has been a lot of Kanji trainers for the DS but nearly all of them only teach you how to recognise characters. Well, “DS Kageyama Method Dennou Hanfuku Tadashii Kakitori-Kun” here aims to teach you how to write the Kanji partially too – 1006 primary school Kanji. This is the second title to be supervised by Hideo Kageyama.

Doesn’t seem to teach the stroke order unfortunately. People who try to write Kanji for the first time wonder if stroke order is really that important and I would say it is because, the characters come out with an overall more rounded appearance.

After all, when you’re writing the English alphabet you wouldn’t “draw” the bottom arc of a ‘B’ first before drawing the rest of the character. You draw the vertical line first for a guide as to where to put the two remaining arcs.

Start practising primary school Kanji on April 5th.

Screen 1

Screen 2


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