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FFVII: Crisis Core, New Playable Demo in May? Questions Answered by Nomura

Here’s some more scans of Crisis Core and again, pretty much more of the same except Famitsu has managed to ask Nomura a few questions about this latest FFVII spin-off title.

Scan 1

So the mini interview goes something like this:

I see their [Zack and Angeal] full names have been revealed.

Yes, it was necessary as part of the [FFVII] Compilation.

The name “Fair” is from “fair weather”. Quite the opposite image of “Cloud”. In Greece, “Hewley” has a meaning too.

Why are the three of them fighting one another in one of the scenes?

I can’t tell you the details but since this is an event that takes places in the past, it holds a important meaning for the three of them. Things start getting out of control from here…

Angeal doesn’t use the Buster Sword at this point. It’s an important part of the story why he doesn’t use it for his own sake.

Those wings that have grown on Angeal really pickles our interest…

Both the design and their colours have an important meaning to them. Try imagining all the possibilities for now (Laughs)

Scan 2

I see the Turks are fighting together with Zack. Something doesn’t seem right about the atmosphere…

There’s a certain Turk that has a close link to Zack but that character isn’t shown here. In one of the previous FFVII Compilation titles, a girl mentions about the character.

Scan 3

What kind of person is the new character “Lazard” like?

He’s changed quite a bit from our draft plans but he’s capable man. He’s an important person in the story. He’s not a Soldier but he is an important man in Shinra Corp.

What conditions must be fulfilled for those portraits to appear in the DMW system?

The portraits are of characters that are within Zack’s memories so those he has particularly strong impressions off appear more often. Apart from those portraits of “FF” characters, we’re also allowing players to make use of Materia to manipulate the appearance rate. However, it means you will have to use up one of the Materia slots. This way you can have fun deciding what Materia should take priority.

Scan 4

What is the current status of the game and when will the release date be?

It’s currently 70% complete and fans should be able to look forward to trying out the latest version at the Square-Enix Party 2007.


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