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Bleach: Heat the Soul 4, New “Soul Blaze” System, Characters and Improved Partner System

New Soul Blaze System
With the new “Soul Blaze” system, a system made up of three stages, you can unleash a huge combo of attacks on your opponent.

First you start off with the “Initial Special” stage of the system by pulling off a “Soul Blaze Initialisation Move”. If this hits your opponent, you’ll have a limited amount of time during the “Moves Stage” to execute all the attacks that you can. Once time runs out, all these moves are released one after the other upon your opponent during the final “Playback Stage” before the character you chose finishes them off with their unique special.

Screen 1

Screen 2

Improved Partner System
In the old Partner System, you couldn’t choose on the partner that you call on for help but this time you can using the L and R buttons. Not only that, you can also call on them simultaneously too which means you can gain a powerful advantage by forming the right team of partners.

Screen 3

Screen 4

New Characters
Last but not least, there are the new characters from the long running show such including Ikkaku, Yumichika from the 11th Division Soul Society along with Vizards Hirako and Hiyori.

Screen 5

Screen 6

More fast Bleach PSP action on May 24th.


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