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Go check out the official site ladies if you’re interested in hearing those voices before the dating sim is out!

Currently up are…

????? Ryoutarou Okiayu as Kazuma Suzuka.
Andrew Waltfield in “Gundam Seed”
Byakuya Kuchigi in “Bleach”
Kaku in “One Piece”
Aoi Rokusho in “Naruto”
Takurou Kimura in “Di Gi Charat”

?? ?? Nobuyuki Hiyama as Madoka Kijou.
Muruta Azrael in “Gundam Seed”
Ikkaku Madarame in “Bleach”
Mr. 3 in “One Piece”
Takeshi Nakazato in “Initial D”
Jackal Kuwahara in “Prince of Tennis”

Tokimeki Interviews


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