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Hoshigami, Character Arts, Screenshots and Release Date Set

Dengeki re-introduces the characters who’ll appear in the PS2 SRPG remake today along with a short summary of the game system. You can always go read old reviews to find out about the system but here’s the gist.

Character Art

First there’s the RAP (Ready to Action Point) system. Everything you do will cost RAP such as the common “Attack” and “Move” commands. However, you can repeat commands as long as you’re within the RAP perimeter.


Next up is the “Coinfeign” system. To use spells, you’ll need to equip these coins and by purchasing “Engravings” from the shop, you can increase various attributes of the spell such as RAP cost, range and damage.


Actually sounds pretty fun but I hope it’s not as unforgiving as reviews have it!

ArcSys will be developing the remake and you can get your hands on it May 24th.


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