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Death Note: Kira Game Guide

Yes, just spent the weekend writing up this guide for the Death Note game that just got released on Thursday. It’s not a bad game but I wouldn’t say it’s great. Good originality from Konami, though.

Enjoy playing as L and Kira!


Version 1.00
February 2007

1.0 Introduction
2.0 History
3.0 Characters
4.0 Menus
5.0 The Kira Game
6.0 Story Mode
7.0 Credits & Contact Info.

1.0, Introduction

Based on the 12 volume hit Manga series Death Note, the story centres around a dark notebook known as the Death Note which has the power to kill someone just by having their name written inside. Death Notes belonged to the Death Gods but one day, one of them drops their notebook into the human world and a young man named Light picks it up. With the power of the Death Note, Light plans to make a world of peace by punishing criminals with death from the shadows. Soon he gains the alias Kira, someone who could kill people mysteriously. All went well for Light at first but soon a famous detective going by the name of alias L is hot on his tracks. Thus, a great battle of the minds ensues between the Kira and L.


  • Original Kira Game Play the role of Kira or L.
  • Catch out your rival with your deduction skills Who to trust? Who to suspect?
  • High quality colour Manga graphics.

Checkout the full guide at the usual place ;)


4 Responses

  1. Hey, thanks a million for this guide. Always great work!

  2. aargh, the link is broken, gamebrink doesn’t open at all! Could you please send the guide to my email-adress? I really need it to play this game!

  3. The site’s probably just having problems at the moment. It should be back online soon.

  4. Yes you’re right, it’s back online now. Thanks a lot anyway!

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