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Gyakuten Saiban 4, The Forensics Scientist Akane is Back with a New Skill

Akane Houdzuki (Ema Skye) the 16 year old forensics scientist who appeared in the bonus case of the Gyakuten Saiban DS remake is back, all grown up at the age of 25! But wait, does that add up considering GS4 takes place 7 years after GS3…?

Anyway, she continues to wear her trademark pink glasses and this time, she’s here to help Odoroki out in collecting evidence.

Scan 1

Apart from the fingerprint collation mini game introduced back in the GS1 remake, Akane can now also perform footprint analysis. As you can see it’s really simple. Just put enough plaster into the footprint first then dry it with a hair dryer afterwards. Once you have the print you can use it to help pin down the crooks!

Scan 2

Well, this should make the visual novel game even more interesting next to the Minuki System!

Still no news of an English release date yet but I’m presuming GS3 will be first of course and there hasn’t been any news of that yet either.


One Response

  1. Well. If I remember correctly, she was 16 in Phoenix Wright DS (or Gyakuten Saiban Yomigaeru Gyakuten), and GS3 takes place 2 years after GS1, and since GS4 takes place 7 years after GS3, Ema/Akane should be 18 during GS3 and 25 during GS4.
    I hope this game gets translated into English soon, but I’ll probably feel tempted to take a peek sooner than that…

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