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Professor Leyton and the Demon’s Box, Level 5 Announces Their Next Leyton Adventure Puzzle Game

Yes, now that they’ve completed “Leyton Kyouju to Fushigi na Machi” (which is out this Thursday), Akihiro Hino president of Level 5 has announced the next title in the Professor Leyton trilogy – “Leyton Kyouju to Akuma no Hako”.

The story this time tells of how Professor Leyton and Luke are challenged by a mysterious cursed box. It is said that anyone who opens it dies.

As of today, 210,000 orders have been made for “Fushigi no Machi” and Hino hopes to reach the 310,000 or 500,000 mark.

Leyton and Luke

Actor and actress Yo Oizumi (Professor Leyton), Maki Horikata (Luke) also attended the conference to express how it felt to do voice acting for the first time.

Story supervisor Akira Tago was there too telling everyone how games was a new experience for him so, shaking hands with Mr. Hino, he wanted to help out as much as he could. Even though he designed the game puzzles himself, he was surprised at how much fun he had solving them.

You can go visit the official site to try out the demo if you’re interested. Just click on Luke holding his DS in the top-right corner.

Level 5 Leyton Event


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