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Keep Eating “Death Note” Candy or Prepare for the Consequences

Every Death Note fan knows how much Luke loves eating apples because they’re the equivalent of smoking or some other bad addiction for the Death God. But how about some Death Note branded Apple Crunchies, Cookies or Chocolate Cake?

Asobit City has setup a bundle of these snacks for sale next to the recent DVDs and have added a sign with three Death Note like rules for fun:

  • After having one and not consuming another within 7 days will result in death.
  • Whether or not it suits your tastes, throwing away or incinerating the goods will result in death.
  • Continuing to eat Asobit’s [Censored] will halve your lifespan. Depending on certain circumstances, it may result in instant death the moment you eat.

Fun eh? Not really the first time snacks got branded with Anime shows but out of curiosity I wouldn’t mind trying them. And maybe fangirls of ‘L’ won’t mind receiving one of these chocolate cakes for Valentine’s Day today ;)

Death Note Branded Snacks

Death Note Branded Snacks - Close Up


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