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English Proficiency Level 3 and 4 Version

Great that the Japanese are getting so much choice in DS edutainment software, no?

This latest title “Eikenoh 3-Kyu Hen/ 4-Kyu Hen” is based on “Eiken”, an English proficiency test that takes place 3 times a year in Japan. Apparently doing well in this test can make you more favourable when applying for new schools and approximately 2.5 million people take these tests per year.

So when is there going to be an English title that teaches Japanese? I don’t really know but, with so many edutainment titles out in Japanese and none in the West, I doubt there ever will be one. If there ever is, European languages will be first.

In the meantime, you can use sites, books or hope your local academic institutions have classes.

Screen 1 Screen 2

Japanese Eiken candidates can pick up the title on April 26th.


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