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LOVE x2 KISS Portable: A Heart Throbbing Date with Yua and Mihiro

Now here’s a title that’s guaranteed not to be released overseas.

If Capcom’s Finder Love series wasn’t enough for you then maybe you’ll consider this upcoming interactive UMD video from GBT Pictures.

Love Kiss Ad

As the name suggests “LOVE×2 KISS Portable: Yua to Mihiro to Dokidoki Date” will feature footage of Japanese idols Yua and Mihiro. During an overseas holiday, it’ll be up to you to make the right decisions during the video to win the heart of one of the two girls.


You can date the two idols on February 22nd. Video is rated 15+ and you can check out the site for a trailer along with a jigsaw puzzle mini game.


One Response

  1. It’s really a shame they don’t subtitle these in English. They would sell in the US. Not a lot, but probably a few thousand copies.

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