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Final Fantasy I and II, 20th Anniversary Editions for the PSP

So, this should be the fourth remake of the classic RPGs after the GBA and PS versions. Not that I’m complaining about playing them again with slightly better visuals but, perhaps they should spend more time developing new games…

Screen 1


  • Better 2D visuals (doesn’t look like they’re just using a filter like Riviera)
  • CGI openings from the PS remakes.
  • Extras such as the scenarios from the GBA remakes.
  • Portable music player (FF tunes for playback?).*
  • Portable gallery of Yoshitaka Amano’s latest artwork.*

Last two features being new for the PSP. The first Final Fantasy gets released on April 19th and the second is set for sometime in the first half of May.

Screen 2

Screen 3

Official website states this is only the first part of Squarenix’s Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary Project. Perhaps they’re planning for other remakes too?

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