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Death Note: Kira Game, Website Renewal and Gameplay

The adventure game “Death Note Kira Game” comes out next week on the DS and the site has received a renewal. Head on over for a whole bundle of screenshots and a short CM clip.


The game will feature the “Kira Game” in an 11 episode “Story Mode” and a rule filled “Single Mode”. Playing as Kira (Yagami Light) or L (Ryuuzaki), your task in the “Kira Game” is to agree or disagree statements made. If you want to fight back any disagreements made by other members of the team, you can debate but this will lower your Proposal meter. At the end of each case, the members will vote on who they think is Kira in the team.

So how does that work? Well, one of the members in the investigation team poses as Kira or L depending on who you play as. If you’re playing as L, you’ll have to find out who’s Kira and vice-versa.

Players can also have a VS match by playing the role of L or Kira.


Well, at first I was wondering how Death Note fans would be able to enjoy this game having already read the Manga and watched the movies – not to mention the current Anime show running too. Now it’s sounding a bit more promising. An adventure game with multi-branching “what if” paths would have been better, TBO.

On the other hand, the Anime continues with episode 17 airing tonight. The last episode ended with volume 5, chapter 35 of the Manga. I guess this means we’re down from a few hundred episodes to around the thirties mark since we’re almost half way through the 12 volumes now.


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