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DJ Max Portable 2 Trailer and Sample Songs

Looking brilliant so far and it seems 5 buttons will be the “Easy Mode” this time. Well, 4 buttons is pretty easy for the first half of the songs but I’m sure no one has managed to achieve 100% accuracy at the higher difficulty songs. Still, it will be an interesting change all the same and I wonder what the fifth button will be…

Play-Asia has it listed for release in March. Can’t wait for the international version and all the new songs are looking really good! Check out the various Ruliweb links below for sample MP3s, wallpapers and other goodies for this upcoming Beat Mania style sequel.

I’ve still to knock up a huge combo to unlock the remaining content in the first game!

I know I had a slight bad impression of it initially but after picking up the first PSP game and getting into it, I’ve been playing and enjoying the game a lot more than Ouendan. Both has their own fun points but DJ Max simply offers way more content! Lots more songs, gameplay variation and content to unlock. Ouendan doesn’t have as much content but it does have much more catchier songs.

This game’s a must play if you haven’t already played it!


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