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Sim City DS, 3 Advisers Revealed and New Events

Based on the PC version of “Sim City 3000”, here are three of the advisers you’ll come across who are Julie Ikeda, Yomokichi and Ayako Tachi (left to right).

Screen 1 Screen 2Screen 3

There are also a number of missions (or scenarios as they’re known) that you can pick up such as “UFO Invasion”, “Attack of the Giant Monster”, “Great Traffic Jam”, “Impact of the Great Typhoon”, “Large Scale Explosion” and a “Great Accident”.

Screen 3 Screen 4

Screen 5 Screen 6

There are also bonus events for this particular DS version of Sim City that makes use of both the mic and stylus. Whenever it’s December in the game, Santa will come riding through the skies dropping away presents which you can pick up by tapping them with your stylus. Fires can also be put out by blowing into the mic!

Now it’s really a God sim.

Screen 7 Screen 8

Screen 9 Screen 10


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