Gabu Gabu Planet, Eat Up Everything!

If you’re ever played Me and My Katamari where you have to roll things up then, you’ll pretty much get the idea of “Gabu Gabu Planet” which is set for a March release.

Screen 1 Screen 2

“Gabu Gabu” is the sound effect of someone (or something) gobbling up food savagely as if they hadn’t eaten for days. Players take the role of a customisable monster and compete against rivals to eat everything they see up. As with Katamari, you start out eating only small things but as you grow bigger, you can eat bigger things such as buildings too.

There are 30 skins for you to customise your monster with and there is support for both wireless and Wi-Fi play.

Screen 3 Screen 4

Screen 5 Screen 6

Screen 7 Screen 8

Screen 9 Screen 10


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