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Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology, Final Bits of Info Revealed!

The latest “Tales of” game for the PSP gets released this Friday and Dengeki has revealed one last collection of information about the game.

Screen 1

In addition to the Swordsman, Martial Artist, Ninja and Demon Swordsman from last time, you can also make your characters a Bishop or a Ranger.

Screen 2

Screen 3

Other features revealed is that you will be able to earn titles, keep track of enemies in a Monster Encyclopaedia, download items just like the recent DS title “Tales of the Tempest” and trade items via Adhoc.

Screen 4
You can earn titles for your members as with other “Tales of” games.

Screen 5
The Monster Encyclopaedia.

Screen 6
New items can be downloaded via the website.

Screen 7
Items can be traded with other players here.

Also revealed are four other “Tales of” characters that will appear in the game.

Garr Kelvin (Tales of Destiny)
Screen 8

Leader of the Dwarf Rune Adribeetom. In terms of looks, personality and intelligence, no one can compare to him and because of this the people of the Dwarf Rune puts great trust into him. Rumours has it that he’s a prince from somewhere, travelling to learn.

Philia Phlice (Tales of Destiny)
Screen 9

A girl who belongs to the Dwarf Rune Adribeetom. In the past she worked as a priest but after learning about the crisis of the “Mushibamu Mono” that threatens the world, she became a scholar researching a way to prevent their invasion. She has feelings towards Stan but she is extremely awkward when it comes to love thus she has been unable to take any action.

Yuugeen Garold (Tales of Rebirth)
Screen 10

A Gajuma (Beastman) who lost his friends in the past due to the Mushibamu Mono’s invasion. Once a former royal guard, he has now quit his position and works for the leader in Adribeetom. Being a former soldier, he is an unrefined and silent character which causes people to keep their distance. He seems to possess the kindess and power needed to be a leader.

Annie Birth(Tales of Rebirth)
Screen 11

Belonging to the Adribeetom, Annie has long been studying medicine to continue her father’s will who was a doctor. Together with Yuugee, he was at the front lines working as a military medic and it was where he lost his life. Annie hates Yuugee for not telling her how her father died but belonging to the same organisation, she understands her role deeply and works together with her friends, supporting each other.


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  1. There’s a repeat in this article.

  2. Ahahaha, so there is… (^^;

    Thanks for telling me! Funny I don’t remember seeing it before.

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