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Gyakuten Saiban 4, The New Minuku System and Odoroki’s Rival

Our protagonist Odoroki’s rival this time will be his teacher’s younger brother, Kyouya Kirihito who is known as both a genius prosecutor and a popular super rock star.


Screen 1

Screen 2

It’s revealed that something else will replace the “Psych Lock” system that’s been used since the second game. During cross examinations, some witnesses won’t reveal any information even if they are pressed for it but a new “Minuki System” will help Odoroki out in his trials.

Activating Minuki’s ability is Odoroki’s bracelet that he wears on his left arm. Once he finds a certain “behaviour” that the testifier is unconsciously performing, Odoroki can delve deep into their minds to find the information they’re hiding.

Screen 3

Screen 4

Screen 5


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