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DS Studies Learning for Adults, Kindaiichi Sensei’s Japanese Lessons, Deepen your Knowledge in the Language

Supervised by Hideho Kindaiichi a Japanese linguist, “Gakkyuu DS Otona no Gakushuu Kindaiichi Sensei no Nihongo Lesson” aims to increase your knowledge in Japanese in five areas which are vocabulary, Kanji, communication, comprehension and culture.

The “Tokaido 53 Stages (Edo-Kyoto Highway) Journey Mode” allows you to travel from Nipponhashi to Kyoto, enjoying the various illustrations of old Edo Japan while answering questions.

Those hoping to improve on their Japanese language skills can pick up the title on February 22nd.

Screen 1 Screen 2

Screen 3 Screen 4

Screen 5 Screen 6

Screen 7 Screen 8

Screen 9 Screen 10

Screen 11 Screen 12

Screen 13 Screen 14


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